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Playlist 2017
666 Popcorncorner 28-5-2017
1 Sophie Pascal Tu es lá (you were there)
2 Orhans the Devil in her heart
3 Scotty Carrol Tell me more
4 Razzy I hate hate
5 Russ loader To soon
6 Sue Thompson Angel angel
7 Frankie Laine Miss satan
8 Chuck Morro Lover's roulette
9 Lou Josie and group Talk to the angels
10 Derterminatios Sweet night drew
11 Jane Morgan Lord and master
12 Jimmy Donley Forever Lilymae
13 Kiki Dee There he goes
14 Vernon Harrell Can't take the hurt
15 Wayne Dailey Wreck of a man
16 Michel Louvain La ville pleur
17 Valiants the Lover lover
18 Jimmy James & Vagabounds A man like me
19 Donna Lee You're leaving
20 Phil Phillips Come back my darling
21 Tony Ronald Summertime

665 Popcorncorner 21-5-2017 1
1 Bessie Watson I'm never alone
2 Mel Tillis Say
3 Dick Rivers Colline
4 Jim Newton Wait til graduation day
5 Michael Dominico Now is the time
6 Little Linda You know
7 Johnny Fuller She's to much
8 Bobby Angelle There goes my baby
9 Georgettes A pair of eyes
10 Rangoons the Moon guitar
11 Keith Kelly Listen little girl
12 Gene Vito Undiscovered country
13 Robert & Johnny Brown, petty brown eyes
14 Gordon McRae The secret
15 Rick Vito I loved another woman
16 Sunny and the Sunliners The one who's hurtin' is you
17 Billy Fury I will
18 Georgia Lee Johnny Angel
19 Cireco Blake Should i go
20 Johnny Thunder Dear John i'm going to leave you
21 Rudy Robinson trio I want to have everything

664 Popcorncorner 14-5-2017
1 Rosa Lee My heart
2 Moments and Whatnauts Girls (Franse vesie)
3 Juanita Williams Baby boy
4 Richie Moreland Please don't ask me
5 Transatlantics Many things from your window
6 Arvettes the Pledge of love
7 Philly Dawgs Hello stranger
8 Julie Rogers Play the music
9 Gary Von Can you tell me why
10 Romeos inst Mucho Soul
11 Accents (feat Sandi) Then he starts to cry
12 Trends the (to be) Happy enough
13 Phyllis McGuire Run to my arms
14 Eric le Mans F Dis non
15 John Price I'll better let her go
16 Invincibles This is my story
17 Martha and the Vandellas My baby won't come back
18 Little D & the Harlems Who's gonna pick up the pieces
19 Chet poison ivey In a little while
20 Bill Pape Tomorrow
21 Mar Keys the inst Last night

663 Popcorncorner 7-5-2017
1 Chymes the Let's try it again
2 Billy Butler & the Four Enchanters Lady love
3 Vinnie Monte What's the matter with Marilyn
4 Cleveland Robinson Jr. A loaf of bread
5 Shirley Abicair So goes love
6 Buttons Pretty lil' lovelights
7 Gene Ross Wondering 8 Gary Criss I still miss you so
9 Fiestas The railroad song
10 Mike Sharp inst Spooky
11 Platters The Full moon and empthy arms
12 Sims Twins Soothe me
13 Lenny Welch It's just not that easy
14 Bob and Earl Don't ever leave me
15 Bobbie Smith& the Dreamgirls Now he's gone
16 Original Cadillacs I'll never let you go
17 Corsairs the Time waits(for no one)
18 Billy Storm Sure as you're born
19 Chains (Reuben and the ..) I can learn
20 Janiva Magness I don't know
21 Electro tones (the) Ghost train

662 Popcorncorner 7-5-2017 21:00
1 Sonnettes (the) Lonesome native girl
2 Imperials the I'm still dancing
3 Jerry Jackson Wide awake in a dream
4 Gene Pitney Count the days
5 Arielle Tu m'as devancée (you beat me ti the punch)
6 Bobby Bennett Alone with my tears
7 Matadors the Listen
8 Jamie Coe I cried on my pilwow
9 Baby Washington Let love go by
10 Prince Valiant & the Knights Front yard
11 Sonny Til & Orioles Hey! Little woman
12 Little Jerry Willams I'm the lover man
13 Claudia Sylva On se dispute toujours
14 Vern Mcentire The good with the bad
15 Kenny Lynch What am i to do
16 Dianne Elliott When he speaks
17 Merseybeats the I think of you
18 Terry Phillips Fear
19 Valiants the Sorrow
20 Curtis Mayfiled Power for the people
21 Wynton Kelly It's alright

661 Popcorncorner -- 30 -4-2017
1 Amanda Humphrey Power of love
2 Smokey Robinson & Miracles I can take a hint
3 Johnny Oneil Somebody just like you
4 Lesley Gore Va tu sei libero
5 Ray Pollard My girl and i
6 Derrick Harriott Close to me
7 Janie Marden Make the night a little longer
8 Lemmy B Good I can't stop myself
9 Barbara Jean Don't remind me of Tommy
10 Johnny Hartsman inst Sizzling
11 Benny Joy Give me back my heart
12 Marcy Jo Take a word
13 Kenny Dana It's been so long
14 Tony Bordes Counting on you
15 Dick Glaser Heartaches over you
16 Johnny Chester Last night was made for you
17 Jo Ann Campbell I ain"t got no steady date
18 Jacques Lepage Avec toi
19 Gene Thomas I'd rather not talk about it
20 Ken McDonalds Teenage tears
21 Combo Latino inst Tema de Paso (Theme from Passing by)

660 Popcorn Pasen 2017 16-4-2017 
1 Barbara Mc Nair It happens every time
2 Al Saxon If you want to go to dreamland
3 Ronnie Cord He mister Cupid
4 Solomon King The man who ran away
5 Lee Maye Total Disaster
6 Dick Jordan Little Christine
7 Linda Kerby Plus ford que tout
8 Billy Van There goes that sound again
9 Crest Tears will fall
10 Billy Larkin & the Delegates inst Soulful strut
11 Willie Kendricks Let me know
12 Royal Premiers I can make it if i try
13 Marie Knight Cry me a river
14 Bobby Ray & Cadillacs I saw you
15 Johnny Bragg Is it true
16 Gene Vincent Tear drops
17 Little Eva Everything is beautiful about you
18 Tony Dallara I Bambina bambina
19 Tony Amaro Please stay with me
20 Marv Johnson Don't leave me
21 Volcanos inst Diane

659 Popcorncorner 16-4-2017 21:00
1 Donna Lynn Navy blue
2 Ed Townsend Stay with me (a little while longer)
3 Les Mercedes Um um um um
4 Connie Van Dycke Oh Freddy
5 Jimmy Griffin Nei baci di un altro
6 Dale Ward The fortune teller
7 Flamingos Come on to my party
8 Noelene Batley Forgive me
9 Mike Hurst Any change for me
10 Ernie Freeman Conquest
11 Crowd (the) What else can i do
12 Susan Maughan The verdict is guilty
13 Mandells (the) True love is hard to find
14 Claudie Dorel Petite soeur
15 Eddie Mannion Just driftin
16 Kenny Chandler It might have been
17 Baby Jane & the Rock a byes Half deserted street
18 Dreamlovers (the) Together
19 Lita Rosa Stranger things have happened
20 Bruno Martino Kiss me miss me
21 Skatalites Lalibele

658 9-4-2017
1 Patti La Belle and the Bluebells - Tear after tear
2 Billy Bland - Steady Kind
3 Junior Waters -Turn away
4 Johnny Madara -I kown , i know
5 Joey Brooks - Little girl
6 Mel Turner -They killed the king
7 Jessy - Jamais tu ne m'oublieras
8 Barry Darvell - Seek and you will find
9 Demetriss Tapp - What kind of girl
10 Don Costa orc & Chorus inst- Chi chi
11 The Capitols - I'll drink a toast
12 Joe Hinton - You Gotta have love
13 Benny Joy - Instead of me
14 The Webs - Dizzy Boy
15 Charles Perry -How can i (keep fron crying)
16 Mack Tubb - Tenderly I love you
17 Emperors - I've got to have her
18 Tides -Little Carmen
19 Carolyn Crawford -Forget about me
20 Billy Watson - Get myself together
21 Bill Butler inst -Just for tonight

657 Popcorncorner Lente 2017 26-3-2017
1 Glenda Collins- In the first place\
2 Lize Marke- Als het weer lente is
3 Jeff Dana- A boy can dream
4 Little Milton- We're gonna make it
5 Craig Douglas- From Russia with love
6 Tony Seymour & Night beaters- Stand by me
7 Lee Moses- Reach out i'll be there
8 Johnnie Ray- You're here in my arms
9 Leon Haywood- Cotton song
10 Popcorn Orchestra-Goin to a happening
11 Chris Farlowe- Don't play that song
12 Ruby and the Romantics- Baby come home
13 Danny Hargrove- Don't want your cryin'
14 Clyde Mcphatter-Ta ta
15 Denise Brousseau-J'ai peur
16 Jenny Lee & the Starlets-What i gotta do
17 Norm Richards- Please don't make me blue
18 Dominique Michel-Tu ne penses qu' á ca
19 David Thorne- Don't let it get away
20 Benny Turner- Come back home
21 Willy Schobben- The lonely bull

Zondag 12 maart met Franky de Bergé te gast in de Popcorncorner
Popcorncorner 656A en 656B
01- Buddy Greco - The Magic Of A Girl
02- Trio By Heppinstall - Sweetheart
03- Willie Williams - Hoog Tussen Sterrenpracht
04- Simon Junior - My Love
05- Mimis Plessas & The Orbiters - Karagouna
06- Sam Baker And Nacy Cohen - Once Upon A Time
07- Hank Parker - Why Don't You Call It At Day
08- Buddy Clinton - It Hurts
09- Jess Conrad - Every Breath I Take
10- Rosemary Clooney - I Will Follow You
11- Jerry Cole - Land Of Dreams
12- Jimmy Crawford - Our Last Embrace
13- The Darrells - So Tenderly
14- Del Marino - I'll Never Be The Same
15- Danny Williams - The Wild Wind
16- Albert Washington - A Woman Is A Funny Thing
17- Jane Morgan - Lord And Master
18- Ricky Nelson - I Wanna Be Loved
19- Nick Noble - Hello Out There
20- Ray Peterson - Is It Wrong (For Loving You)
21- Margie Rayburn - Try Me
22- Roman Reed - Harlem Nocturne
23- Vikki Carr - Don't Talk To Me
24- The Royal Premiers - Who Am I Without Your Love
25- Les Mccann - Sad Little Girl
26- Don Orbison Time
27- Ken Osborne Would you laugh
28- The Toppes Cammundo por sunset
29- Paul Sindab I was a fool
30- Nana Mouskouri My heart won't listen to me
31- Helen Shapiro Fever
32- Susan Maughan She's new to you
33-Tony Sheveton Dance with me
34-Tony Mitchel Candle in the wind
35-Karen Small To get you back again
36-Oscar Mclollie Ignore me

655 Popcorncorner 26-3-2017 21:00
Ervinna Please Mr Po-stman ( Chinese versie )
Barbara Kay Someone has to cry (why must i)
Jerry Adriani Querida
Alice Adams The ballad of Ronnie
Frontiers the I'm still loving you
Tony Robin First kiss
Walter Jackson I don't wanna suffer
Barbara McNair What now my love
Vince Riccio Paradise found
Johnnie Ray You're here in my arms
Fantabulois Carousels the Would yoy love me
Lê Toán V Et Pourtant
Tony Sheveton Dance with me
Dottie and Millie Talkin' about my baby
Strands the Never
Techniques Band And i love her (Chinese versie)
Ken Mackintosh Orc Moonlight shuffle

654 Popcorncorner 26-2-2017 22:00
1 Tammi Terrell Just too much to hope for
2 John Andrea Come on in
3 Gi's the Too much dreamin's no good
4 Nancy Wilson No one else but you
5 Jerry Williams I'm so lost
6 Lenny Welch My fool of a heart
7 Lovelace Watkins Dreams
8 Sarah Vaughan Let's
9 Chuck Wright If i promise you
10 Wand R&B Ensemble Hand it over
11 George Mc Crae When i first saw you
12 Carl Henry Hall (i pray for) A miracle
13 Tobi Lark Challenge my love
14 Burt Jones Une fille de partout (Soul boy)
15 Cathy Carroll I don't wanna give you up
16 Ray Vance Someone
17 Carol Hughes Hello heartbreak
18 Dick Hafner Go 'way tears
19 Barry Darvell Seek and you will find
20 Boyd Bennett It's our night tonight
21 Popcorn Orchestra Goin to a happening

653 Popcorncorner 19-2-2017
1 Cynthia & the Imaginations Het Boy (I love you)
2 Al Collier Who will take your place
3 V.I.P.'S Strange little girls
4 Demons the Going to the dance
5 Playmates the She never looked better
6 Dolly & the Fashions Just another fool
7 Little Hooks & Kings Something that money can't buy
8 Chuck Collins Your heart wasn't in it
9 Musique & the Lyrics My love and life
10 Sam Taylor inst La playa
11 Johnny Mae Mathews & Group I had no choice
12 Trilons I'm the one
13 Melissa Manchester A song for you
14 Dramatics the Toy Soldier
15 Wade Flemons Watch over her
16 Big John & Philidelphians My love, my love
17 Deanna Kimball Take me home
18 Little Milton Can't hold back the tears
19 Climates the Breaking up again
20 Billy Ford This is worth fighting for
21 Boozoo Bajou inst Satta

652 Valentine 2017 12-2-2017
1 Barry Sisters the Our love is growing stronger
2 Edward Hamilton & the Arabians I love you so
3 Connie Francis Valentino
4 Walter Jackson Special love
5 Willis Sisters the The pretty one
6 Becky & Lollipops My boyfriend
7 Jerry Butler Find another girl
8 Donays the Bad boy
9 April Stevens Lovin Valentine
10 Cookin on three burners Soul messin'
11 Ruby Andrews Just lovin you
12 George Jackson Tender love
13 Diane Leigh Let love do the talking
14 Drew-Vels I've known
15 Tommy Hunt Lover
16 Otis Williams & his Charms I got lovin
17 Henrietta & the Hairdooz You got a lot to learn
18 Valentino's Darlin come back home
19 Crume brothers the What am i going to do
20 Beverly Bremers I'll make you music
21 Earl van Dyke All for you

651 Popcorncorner 12-2-2017 21:00
1 Mary Jo Trape What would Johnny say
2 Barry Martin The world is mine
3 Sheb Wooley Meet mr. lonely
4 Burt Blanca F Baby c'est vous (Baby it's you -Shirelles)
5 Bunny Paul I'm hooked
6 Jimmy Norman This i beg of you
7 Carla Thomas Little boy
8 Larry Tamblyn Destiny
9 Bobby Womac Gypsy woman
10 Charlie Chalmers inst Poppin'
11 Alicia Adams Oom Dooby Doom Lovey Dovey Sh'boom"
12 Inverts (the) Lonely lover
13 Johnny Nash Kisses
14 Nino Papas Try again
15 Jan Burnette Fool in love
16 Bobby Coleman (Baby) You don't have to tell me
17 Robert Portee Casanova
18 Vi Redd Your love is like the wind
19 Tony Cosmo Wise to you
20 Solomon Burke Keep the magic workin
21 Mood Mosaic A touch of velvet

650 Popcorncorner 29-1-2017
1 Delores Hill What he used to tell me
2 Playboys the How can you forget
3 Irene Reed For us tomorrow is
4 Azie Mortimer Lips
5 Les Dalcos & Claude Steben Tu ne savais pas
6 Corki Ray Whirwind
7 Carl Dobkins Jr Genie
8 Bill Giant Better let her go
9 George de Witt Come closer to me
10 Bill Black's combo inst Turn on your love light
11 Arthur Epps Baby these are the things i need
12 Jelly Beans (the) I'm hip to you
13 Frederica Rien ne me reste
14 Garrett Saunders A day or two
15 Charles Perry How can I
16 Robert Earl The wonderful secret of love
17 Freddie Scott Mr heartache
18 Chambers Brothers the What the world needs now is love
19 Tangeers Let my heart and soul be free
20 Fausto Cigliano L'ultima luna
21 Boozoo Bajou inst Satta

649 Popcorncorner 22-1-2017
1 Rita Pavone He's got everything
2 Arthur Prysock Our love will last
3 Wilson Picket I can't stop
4 Jamie Horton There's my love
5 Frankie & Johnny I'll hold you
6 Steve Lawrence I'm making the same mistakes again
7 Cleo Laine It looks they're in love
8 Terry Black Say it again
9 Parakeets I want you right now
10 Banny Price inst Monkey see monkey do
11 Edd Henry Your replacement is here
12 Jimmy Holland I can't wait
13 Dee Dee Sharp The night
14 Marv Johnson Magic mirrow
15 Tony Bruno slow Small town bring down
16 Patsy Ann Noble F Cést drôle les rêves
17 Rickochets (the) House of broken hearts
18 Monique If you love me
19 David Thorne Tiny little ants
20 Knock Robyns (the) That's the way it is
21 Los Xochimilcas And i love her

648 Popcorncorner 15-1-2017 21:00
1 Demetriss Tapp Let go of my heart
2 Billy Quarles Quit bringing up what i've done wrong
3 Kathy Kirby Oh darling how i miss you
4 Carl Henry Hall (I pray) for a miracle
5 Stevie Wonder Lois
6 Eugine Pitt & Group Everyday is like a year
7 Christophe Cristina
8 Ron Holden I tried
9 Nick Charles The right girl
10 Frivolous Five The lonely bull
11 Cilla Black Suffer now i must
12 Ray Campi Sweet woman blues
13 Truly Smith My smile is just a frown (turned upside down)
14 Little Peggy March Te ne vai
15 The Reflections Talkin' 'bout my girl
16 Cindy Devereaux Sing on baby
17 Frontiers (the) I just want you
18 Juliana You're saying goodnight
19 Scott Brothers (the) Love me tendely
20 Denna Johnson There's gonna be showdown
21 Enoch Light and the light brigade Mack the knife