[Afl-632]  De LP van de Week is: Sunflower van The Beach Boys uit 1970.
Artiest van de Maand is: Bob Dylan.

1 .  The Beatles & Tony Sheridan; cd The Early Tapes of The Beatles, 1993 (verz.): Why
2 .  GabriellaCilmi; cd LessonstobeLearned, 2008: Echo beach
3.   Willie &thePoor Boys; single, 1985: Baby pleasedon’t go
4.   The Beach Boys; lp Sunflower, 1970/2000, LP VAN DE WEEK:Addsomemusictoyourday
5 .  Bob Dylan Artiest van de Maand; cd Shadows in theNight,2015: What’ll I do
6  . Danko/Fjed/Anderen; cd idem, 1993: Whenmorningcomesto America
7.   Joe Ely; lp Live Shots, 1980: Honkytonkin’LIVE
8.   Tanya Tucker;lp Greatest Hits, 1978 (verz.): Let’s keep itthat way
9.   Richie Havens; cd SingsThe Beatles& Dylan, 1987:Eleanor Rigby
10. The Beach Boys; lp Sunflower 1970/2000, LP VAN DE WEEK:Tears in themorning
11. Willie Nelson; cd Red HeadedStranger, 1975/2000: Blue eyescrying in therain
12. E-I-E-I-O; lp Land of Opportunity, 1985: This time
13. Jesse Winchester; cd The Best of, 1989 (verz.): Yankee lady