[Afl-865] Popcorncorner 14 maart
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1 Petula Clark True love never runs smooth
2 Bobby Keene Angel or devil
3 Gene Vincent Tear drops
4 Darry Weaver Edge of town
5 Johnny Durain Someday i’ll get over you
6 James Carr Lovable girl
7 Ruby Andrews Casanova (Your playing days are over)
8 Dick Melari Zippy zippy du
9 Len Watson Dancing with your memory
10 Derek and Ray inst Interplay
11 Bobby Bannister You gave me love
12 Elgins the Put yourself in my place
13 Four Holidays Deep down in my heart
14 Vince Hill Push Push
15 Per Olow (Petren) Sw Klicktor Flicktor
16 Ed Brynes and Connie Stevens Kookie Kookie
17 Wayne Fontana Pamela Pamela
18 Ginette Reno F Tu es lá
19 Barry Young Show me the way
20 Jackie Edwards Blue moon
21 Chantays inst Pipeline

22 Anna Craig Nobody loves me
23 Rivertons Standing in the love line
24 Bobby Lee Would you believe me
25 Freda Payne Band of gold
26 Bennie Turner and the Armourrrettes Morning teardrops
27 Galens Chinese lanterns
28 Earl Brooks Just friend
29 OV Wright Everybody knows
30 Sonny Cymbott Emily
31 Thierry Vincent F Moi j’ai peur de rentrer
32 Tony Osborne The swinging gypsies
33 Wayne Storm Just like a fool
34 John Buzon trio inst Lizette
35 Johnny Crawford Rumours
36 Bill Horton I wanna know
37 Alberta Weeks Forget me not
38 Roy Hamilton Earthquake
39 Atlantic Groove I’m crazy about that woman in red
40 Thierry Vincent Moi jái peur de rentrer
41 Jerry Butler I’m a telling you
42 Mr Acker Bilk Stranger on the shore