[Afl-863] Popcorncorner 28 februari
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863 Popcorncorner 28 feb 2021
1 Maureen Evans The verdict is guilty
2 Dick Jordan Fortune teller
3 Marty Wilde Donna
4 Billy Stewart Strange feeling
5 Nicky DeMatteo I have but one heart
6 Tony Dallara I Se finira
7 Pat Boone Baby elephant
8 Myrna March Parade of broken hearts
9 Steve Clayton My name is on your heart
10 Shadows inst Theme for young lovers
11 Billy Ferrell I’ve got to find love
12 Gary Miles Candy from a stranger
13 Carl Sims I like this place
14 Rein de Vries Teenage meisje
15 Patty Ryan I wish that i could tell him
16 Fred Carter What am i gonna do with Anna
17 Gene and Wendell Your sister or you
18 Miriah Avila Forever
19 Sherli Allen Think it over
20 Heather Tremaine I’ll come softly
21 Lou Donaldson inst The humpback

22 Maljorie Black You still love her
23 Willie West I’m back again
24 Doc & the Interns Baby i know
25 Ornella Vanoni Cocrodrillo
26 Dave Sampson Little girl of mine
27 Opals You’re gonna be sorry
28 Austin Taylor Lovin hands
29 Letterman the Venus
30 Melina Mars Just another dance
31 Nini Rosso I Le ballata della tromba
32 Edmundo Ross inst The third man team
33 Pearline Caesar Go
34 Frank Cherval Shake hands with a loser
35 Noriel Vilela P Saudosa
36 Wendy Rene The same guy
37 Maria & the Autumms Goodbye angel baby
38 Perry Ford Don’t weep little lady
39 Benny Latimore Rain from the sky
40 Cameron Wyn Where can i go
41 Maria Knight Walk away
42 Tony & his Magic Rhythems inst Tropic Memories