[Afl-861] Popcorncorner 14 februari
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861 Popcorncorner 14-2-2021
1 Betty Everett My love
2 Pentagons ft Joe C Jones I’m in love
3 Sam Cooke Cupid
4 Carol Conners Big big love
5 Billy Ferrell I’ve got to find love
6 Nat King Cole Mr Wishing well
7 Eddie Roberts Immaculate love
8 Tony Harper Heavenly love
9 April Stevens Lovin’ Valentine
10 Diana Ross & the Supremes Let the music play
11 Dennis Turner My lady love
12 Aubry Jones Big lover
13 Jerry Angelo The two together
14 Eddie Hurt Afraid of love
15 Sugar Shakers Sweet baby of mine
16 Sparkels The Try love (One more time)
17 Caterina Valente D Oh Valentino
18 William Bell Formula of love
19 Jaye P Morgan (it took) One kiss
20 Dean Barlow Yesterday’s kisses
21 Underground Vegetables Melting pot

22 Della Reese I got the blues
23 Walter Jackson Special love
24 Denise Germaine Little lost lover
25 Adamo Nobody ever told Sandy
26 Anita Humes and the Essex Are you going my way
27 Valentina Cry to me
28 Anna Valentino On a tropical island
29 Patience Valentine Unlicky girl
30 Valentinos Darling come back home
31 Johnny Nash Don’t take away your love
32 Marco Rizo inst Habanera cha cha cha
33 Raymond Berthiaume F Un mondo avec toi
34 Bobby Frank I’ll give you love
35 Betty Everett You’re falling in love
36 Tommy Edwards Love is all we want
37 Gene Chandler No one can love you (like i do)
38 Barbara Mills (Make it last) Take your time
39 Freddie Houston If i had known
40 Juliana You’re saying goodnight
41 Pearlean Gray For your love
42 Xavier Cugat La playa