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Popcorncorner nr. 872 Datum 2-5-2021
1 Goodnight kisses Devil in the dark
2 Kim Charney Suga coated kisses
3 Bird Rollins Answer my prayer
4 Gino Washington Now your lonely
5 Brad Benwick God country and my baby
6 Pat Forchetti Young lover
7 Jerry Landis Educated fool
8 Cleo Jons Why do you do right
9 Webs feat Bobby Goldsboro Dizzy boy
10 Franck Pourcel inst Tu ne sais pas (you don’t know)
11 Cameos Canadian sunset
12 Fi-Dells What is love
13 Charmaines the What kind of girl do you think i am ?
14 Jean Walter B Piccolissima serenata
15 Jim Eller It’s as simple as that
16 Essex the Easier said thn done
17 Mimi Roman Up to heart in love
18 Spinners the How can i
19 Dario Morena S Eso es el amore
20 Marie Sisters Chica chee cha cha
21 Jerry Smith inst Tokyo butterfly
22 Mitty Collier Help me
23 Marty Balin Nobody but you
24 Nana Mouskouri F Laissez Pleurer
25 Lenny o Henry & group Mr Moonlight
26 La Brenda Ben Just be yourself
27 Richard Anthony F Dis a Laura (Tell Laura i love her)
28 Big John and the Fab Blends Baby you’re wrong
29 Untouchables the Raisin’ sugar cane
30 Gwenn Stacey Lonely girl
31 Otis Leavill I’m amazed
32 Booker t and the MG’s inst Fuquawi
33 Jo Vally B Dat ben jij (I will)
34 Charles Earland Drifting
35 Brenda Lee He’s sure to remember me
36 Bobby Smith Drean angel
37 Jessie Williams Tender words and tender kisses
38 Elvis Presley Never ending
39 Linda Hopkins If you walk away
40 Marv Johnson Don’t leave me
41 Skeeter Davis What does it take
42 Don Steele sextett inst Take one