[Afl-874] Popcorncorner 16 mei
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Popcorncorner 874 Datum 16-5-21
1 Sharmettes I’d rather have you
2 Dan Penn Lovely ladies
3 Jackie Edwards Do you want me again
4 Eddie Perrell Listen
5 Darrell Nordskog Hush little heart
6 Steve Rossi Ginny Lee
7 Ginny Arnell How manny times can one heart break
8 Manolo S No te creo
9 Susan King You got me in a fix
10 Burt Blanca inst Je partirai
11 Jimmy Castor Quintet Poor loser
12 James Carr I can’t make it
13 Chuck Jackson Any day know (my wild beautiful bird)
14 Dave Reno The Hi Flyers Just imagine
15 Bernie Tessler & Shell tones Daddy , can i have the camel tonight
16 Garry Hagger On this night
17 Sue Perrin Candy store man
18 Guy Darrell Everything
19 Bob Conrad The great magician
20 Robert Cartier Relax
21 Les Mustangs inst Rinky dink
22 Joanne Courcy My poor broken heart.
23 Roy Hamilton You shook me up
24 Baker Twins the He’s no good
25 Wayne Storm Just like a fool
26 Johnny Durain I’ll show you
27 Denise Brousseau F Jái pleure
28 Azie Mortmer Little playboy
29 Little Herman One out of a hundred
30 Sonny Till Tears and Misery
31 Tams the Concrete jungle
32 Spotnicks the Just listen to my heart
33 Andre Hazes Op de hoek van de straat
34 Lennon Sisters I’m comming backto you
35 England Sisters Heartbeat
36 Gene Pitney A change to belong
37 Jess Conrad Every breath i take
38 Jackie De Shannon Give me a break
39 Ben Tate She’s gone
40 Serenaders Adios my love
41 Udo Jurgens I Se partirai
42 Jivers the inst Oh Carol