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Popcorncorner 875 Datum 23-5-2021
1 Marla Mason Please stay away (from my heart)
2 Demons the Going to the dance
3 Mickey Baker and Sylvia Robinson Hello stranger
4 Diana Ross and the Supremes Will this be the day
5 Otis Leavill I’m amazed
6 Rooseveld Nettles Heartaches and troubles
7 Richard Anthony The night
8 Lucille Brown Lonely inside
9 Kes Chin Don’t speak to me of love
10 Staccato’s the Who’s to say
11 Jackie Wilson You can’t have your cake and eat it to
12 Rita Curtis This little girl
13 Drew Vels the It’s my time
14 Scott Bros Lonely blue bird
15 Brenton Wood Gimme little sign
16 Jimmy Breedlove Queen Bee
17 Sylvia Shemwell He’ll come back
18 Lonnie Duvall Cigarettes
19 Johnny Stone Only fools run away
20 Jimmy Ricks Timber
21 Triffits the inst Moon safari
22 Delights the Breaking hearts to him is just a game
23 Kenneth deal Tell me where
24 Four Epics the I’m on my way
25 Dusty Springfield Long after tonight is all over
26 Richard Mandell Love is something
27 Earl Bostic inst Feeling cool
28 Candies the Stop
29 Allures the King love
30 Ted Taylor Pretending love
31 Shirley Jackson Don’t play me a love song
32 Joe Valentine I can feel my lovecoming on strong
33 Robert Ward I’m gonna cry a river
34 Connie Francis J Your other love (Japans)
35 Billy Keen Losers win sometine
36 Music City all stars Do the Philly
37 Jimmy McHugh Do the Kangaroo
38 Magnetics the Wasting times
39 Serenaders the Two lovers make one fool
40 Sound Judgment Baby it’s you
41 Peter Kraus D Manchmal
42 Henry Manchini orc inst Mr Yunioshi