[Afl-878] Popcorncorner 13 juni 

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Popcorncorner 878 Datum 13-6-21
1 Gambrells the You better move
2 True Stones the Singing waters
3 Roger Washington Unless you let me
4 Mel Tillis If i lost love
5 Betha Colbert Rain in lovers lane
6 Chuck Osborn Come and walk with me
7 Roland Storm Soldier of love
8 Bernadette Carroll Laughing on the outside
9 Johnny Lemac Sippin’ wine
10 Red Sanders & his orc Summetime
11 Johnny Wyatt I’ll stand by you
12 Dwenn Stacey Lonely girl
13 Guy Pastor Miracle
14 Aki Aleong Love is funny
15 Dee Edwards Too careless with my love
16 Jay Miller Can’t you tell him no
17 Kitten The Is it over baby
18 Jerry Wallace Eyes
19 Pfc Graig Brown Away i’m bound away
20 Lee Rogers Walk on by
21 Les de Merle and his band Bulldozer
22 Bruce Cloud Soul Mambo
23 Crume Brothers the What am i going to do
24 Claude Royan F Qui va plus loin
25 Spidels the Pushed out of the picture
26 Koko Montana Ana Maria
27 HelenGamboa Great big bundle of love
28 Bill ‘Tarzan’Jones A man should never cry
29 Skyliners the Don’t hurt me baby
30 Vigor Fisher Think of happiness
31 Jeanette “baby” Washington Let love go by
32 Frankie Stein Bat & Cat
33 Bobby Jenkins You mean everything to me
34 Ben Tate She’s gone
35 Five Satins You can count on me
36 Larry Greco Jette la
37 Emerlds the All the time
38 Suzanna and the Roommates The dance is over
39 Bunny Paul We’re only young once
40 Top Notes the I love you so much
41 Quarter notes I don’t wanna go home
42 Pedro Esquivel orc inst Lonely moon