[Afl-879] Popcorncorner 20 juni 

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Popcorncorner 879 Datum 20-6-21 Vaderdag
1 Teri Allen Can’t run to daddy
2 Billy Dawn Look what i found
3 Jerry Butler Lost
4 Larry Trider Who’s gonna stand by me
5 Connie Questell World of trouble
6 Bobby Jenkins & the Jades Youmean everything to me
7 Dorinda Duncan Caddy Daddy
8 Douglas Banks Ain’t that just like a woman
9 James Boys the Another Lori
10 Pat Thomas Where there’s love there’s hope
11 Bittersweets the Summertime
12 Eddie Baxter inst Fortune cookie prt 2
13 Dean Parish Bricks broken bottles & sticks
14 Dorells the Maybe baby
15 Snowman Sugar Daddy
16 Marty Wilde Tomorrow’s clown
17 Sonny James Hey little ducky
18 Dudley El Pizza
19 William Bell What’cah gonna do
20 Gary Criss I still miss you
21 Herp Hardesty Perdido street
22 Claudette Vandal F Un de ces jours
23 Untouchables Papa
24 Irma Thomas He’s my guy
25 Barry Richettes True love or misery
26 Doran Chambres B Aline
27 Billy Fury Don’t jump
28 Helen Shapiro Daddy
29 Barry Martin The world ‘s mine
30 Roy Richards inst Summertime
31 Johnny Meastro I’m stepping out of the picture
32 Bobby Matos orc Cuchi frito man
33 Randy Crawford Letter full of tears
34 Don Grant Don’t take het from me
35 Danny Fisher Just another day
36 Larry Farrell Lonely little girl
37 Dynamite Singletary I really love you
38 Nicola Di Bari i Amo te, solo te
39 Del Shannon Little town flirt
40 Barbara Mason Bobby is my baby
41 Sounds of dawn If had my way
42 Xavier Cugat & orc inst And i love her