[Afl-883] Popcorncorner 18 juli

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[883A] 5e Aflevering van de Summerpopcorn Serie 2021 Samenstelling Hans Salaets
Alex Vargas Summertime
Connie Little Billy
Rod McKuen Lonesome boy
Major Lance Play a song for me
Noel Chiboust Royal Madison
Titus Turner Hey doll baby
Della Reese Solitary woman
Billy Eckstine A man needs a woman
Roy Hamilton Don't come crying to me
Unknown Summertime
Lily Ayers Won't let you go
Duke Daniels Backfire
Gene McDaniels A casa non tornero (There goes the forgotten man)
Hash Brown Margie
Al Smith Christopher Columbus
Ian Vint Someone i'd rather forget
Jammers True love is hard to find
Wilma Burgess Confused
Al Freed Ciao ciao bambina

[883B] 6e Aflevering van de Summerpopcorn Serie 2021 Samenstelling JACQUES
Grant Lazlo & Jackster Time For Summer In The Cotton Fields (remix)
Charlie McCoy I'm Ready
Johnny Payne Tinklin' Bells
The Knight Brothers Second Hand Lover (aangepast)
Return Of Honk Just A Little Bit Of Hardesty (remix)
The Bluebeaters Catch That Teardrop
Mina Nessuno (remasterd) (it)
Genny Nu Chiangere Pe'm'Me (it)
Gene Simmons No Other Guy (aangepast)
Jimmy Washington You Better Let Him Go (aangepast)
Phil Davis It's No Use
The Castaways Comin' Back For More
Nella Dodds P's & Q'
Med Dicte & Claus Hempler You're The Boss
Jay Busby Apple Cider
Leopoldo Silos Ay Kalisud
Tito Ramirez Be My Girl
Tommy Oliver Thirteen Women (aangepast)
Miriah Avila Forever
Benny Joy Only Time Will Tell
The Joy Rockers Gauster Bop