[Afl-901] Popcorncorner 21 november

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[Afl-901A] 21 november 2021
Popcorncorner 21-11-21
Petula Clark Too Late
PJ Proby Goodthings are coning my way
Supremes the Chain gang
Ricky Madison I’ll follow you
Dalida I Amo
John Yargomy Dream girl
Billy Bland Let the little girl dance
Orlons the Stubborn kind of fellow
Rockin’Berries Across the street
Funky Organics Inst Groove with me
Louise Manning The ship of love
Bluesbusters Youre the one
Jamie Maher I wouldn’t want it any other way
Tony Middleton Drifting
Valerie Sarin F Ce jour merveilleux
Love lace Watkins Dreams
Gewenn Stacey Lonely girls
Ford Eaglin If i Could
Holly Maxwell Only when you lonely
Tommy Roe Dizzy boy
Jumpin’ Juwels Inst Maria Elena

[Afl-901B] 21 november 2021
Alma Cogan I knew the right way
Frankie Avalon Ponchinello
Electrodes the Go away
Gene Chandler Miracle after miracle
Mary Christine Un garcon a aimer
Bobby Lloyd Left all alone
Ernestine Matchett You dropped me
Patti Drew Workin’on a groovy thing
Lenny O’Henry Mr. Moonlight
Lynn Collins Wide awake in a dream
Jimmy Castor inst Hanging out
Johnny Blue boy I’m going away
Cascades the Cindarella
Jerry Landis Educated fool
Otis Leavill I’m amazed
Angles the You should have told me
Emeralds the All the time
Performers the Love is the answer
Freddie Paris Face it boy it’s over
Pat Lewis I’ll never be over for me
Jay Hoggard & Harlem Jazzbirds Inst Swingin’and swayin