[Afl-907] Popcorncorner 26 december

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[Afl-907] 26 december 2e Kerstdag 2021
Kim Weston Wish you a merry Christmas
Platters the Winter wonderland
Flirtations Christmas time again
Supremes Children’s christmas song
Tears Good luck my love
Chicks Christmas present
Encounters (It all started with) A christmas card
Johnny Preston New baby for christmas
Jackson 5 the I saw mommy kissing santa claus
Brenda Lee X-mas will be just another lonely day
Bobby Vee A not so merry christmas
Jerry Jackson Wide awake in a dream
Toni Wine My boyfriend is coming home
Otis Redding Merry christmas baby
Earl Grant inst Jingle bells
Rosy Armen F Tombe la neige
Jimmy Radcliffe My ship is coming in
Ray Antony and the Bookends Christmas kisses
Pearl Bailey Jingle bels cha chacha
Donna Loren Blowing out the Candles
Misletoe band Inst Sleigh Ride