[Afl-911] Popcorncorner 30 januari

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Op Ziggo Digitaal radio kanaal 916 en KPN 1189 in de Haagse regio.
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[Afl-911A] 30 januari
Ito Yukari J The locomotion
Demons Going to the dance
Alvin Cash & the Registers The Boston Monkey
Aqua band Do re mi cha cha
Joey Heatherton Hullabaloo
Bob & Earl Harlem Shuffle
Cornells the inst Wak a cha (Do the Slausson)
Caterina Valente D The Peppermint twist
Tyrone a Saurus & Cro Magnons Monster twist
Larks the The Slausson Shuffle
Bob Smit nl Toe , dans de slop
Impressions Twist and Limbo
Max Jaffa inst Gypsy Cha cha
Dyke and the Blazers The Wobble
Johnny Zamot & his Latinos Dance the Boogaloo
Music city all stars Do the Philly
Lenny Welch Boogie cha cha
Stingers the Do the Cissy
Betty Smith group the Hand jive
Bruce Cloud Soul mambo
James Brown inst The Popcorn

[Afl-911B] 30 januari
Justin Jones Dance by yourself
Jimmy Mchugh Do the kangaroo
Roosemary Clooney &Perez Prado Mambo Italiano
Century Five La moomba kasa boo boo cha cha cha
Christine Quaite In the middle of the floor
Goodie Rene inst Bossa baby
Serge Gainsbourg Cha cha cha de loop
Frank Pizani Steady cha cha cha
Marco Remez Bla bla bla cha cha cha
Crystals the Let’s dance the screw
Sonny Thompson inst Loco limbo
Mike Rogers and his machine guns Dance the slop with me
Sandra Browne Johnny boy
Quincy Jones inst The Huckle buck
Olympics the The Duck
Donald Jenkins Elephant walk
Matiny’s the Stroling along
Al Taylor & the Poodles inst The Swivel
Moovers One little dance
Ricky Dean Please don’t dance with me
Marco Rizo inst Habanera cha cha cha