[Afl-925] Popcorncorner 8 mei

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[Afl-925A] 8 mei Moederdag
1 Sunny Gale I realy love him so
2 Ernie K Doe Mother in law
3 Blossoms (Answer) Son in law
4 Walter Jackson Anything can Happen
5 Mary Wells Old love let’s try it again
6 Gene McDaniels Strange neighborhood
7 Kavettes I’m not sorry for
8 James Darren (als Vic Fontaine) Come fly with me
9 Florence Ballard The impossible dream
10 Jr. Walker & the All Stars What does it take
11 Bing Day Mamas Place
12 Duncan Brothers Make me what you want me to be
13 Lenny Welch (and group) It’s just not that easy
14 Jenny Lee What i gotta do
15 Mamie Perry Someday baby
16 Johnny York True lovers
17 Joe Doolittle inst Chariot (I will follow him)
18 Soul Communicatiors These lonely nights
19 Robbie Dale Soul mama
20 Jackie Wilson It only happens (When i look at you)
21 Raymond Lefevre & his orchestra inst Soul coaxing

[Afl-925B] 8 mei Moederdag
22 Abe & Marion Ester & Casanovas That’s the way i’m so sad
23 Margo White If only you where here
24 Dee Edwards Too careless with my love
25 Billy Joel Careless talk
26 Chuck Wright Heartless tears
27 Carol Deene Let me do it my way
28 Larry Trider Carbon copy
29 Douglas Banks I just keep dancing
30 Little Pattie Dance puppet dance
31 Mel Anton & The Checkers Love is born
32 Chubby Checker You better believe it baby
33 Nelson Venter F Mon chermin
34 Morgan King Give me love
35 Bobby Reed I’ll find a way
36 Rob de Nijs He mama
37 Tempting ones Watch me now
38 Barry Biggs Wide awake in a dream
39 Little Peggy March (im watching you ) Every little move you make
40 Jerry Dane Awhile in love
41 Miguel Angel S Hermosos Ojos Azules
42 Les Fantomes inst Shazam