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[Afl-955A] 11 december 
Joey Dee I know
Little Milton Can’t hold back the tears
Gil Jackson Pixie girl
Showman the The wrong girl
Trends To be happy enough
Mary Christine Un garcon a aimer
Lou Johnson Magic Potion
Jerry Jackson Gypsy eyes
Dave Baby Cortez inst Green onions
Supremes I L’amoure verra
Mark Dining The lovin’ touch
Johnny Mathis Evil ways
Dennis Dorrity JR If you want this love mine
Tony Michaels I love the life i live
Los Shain’s 96 Lagrimas
Ray Flemming Another like you
Yana Ricci F L’amour
Jimmy Charles Santa won’t be blue this Christmas
Paul Garrack Groovin’
Robert Mersey Kookaburra

[Afl-955B] 11 december
Queen Latifah Hello Stranger
Johnny Starr Marizina
Danny Williams After you
Teddy Randazzo But you broke my heart
Millie & Jackie Do you want me again
Dontells the In your heart
Larry Chance & the Earls Kissin’
Norma Jenkins Try love (one more time)
Tom Lopaka Me Conformo
Billy Butler My heart is hurtin’
Sonny Knight The prophet
Jimmy Jones My precious angel
Nancy Holloway F Prends tes cles
Robert & Johnny Brown pretty broen eyes
Dorsey Burnette Try
Henry Thome Scarlett
Ral Donner I didn’t figure on him
Jo ann Campbell Amateur night
Malcom Dodds Shangri La
Prince Conley I’m going home
Tito Martinez & Joel Grey Nice’s Easy
Lloyd Glen Sleigh ride