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[Afl-976A] 7 mei
Ania Wood This has happened before
Tears the Good luck my love
Nick Noble Hello out there
Addrisi brothers Love me baby
Barry Mann The way of a clown
Ray Peterson Is it wrong (for loving you)
Apollas the You’ll always have me
Chiyo Okumura Jap He’s sure to remember me 
Shirley Vaughn Watch out mr lonely
Los Mambo Jumbo inst Blue Iguana
Love Unlimited Love ‘s theme (vocal)
Rays the Love another girl
Toby Browne Child
Linda Brannon Funny face
Chuck Wright Love i won’t be your fool
Barbara Banks Ain’t i worth a dime
Delroy Wilson Find yourself another girl 
Vicki Sallee There goes the lucky one
Fiestas the I feel good all over
Crest the The tears will fall
Hugo Montenegro inst Sherry

[Afl-976B] 7 mei
Linda Cumbo
Dickey Lee Traveling man
Carmen Mccrae Whatever Lola wants
Alex Chilton Lipstick traces
Gene Thomas I’d rather not talk about it 
Chris Montez Call me
Henry Richardson Dancing girl
Tifany Michel Come closer
Willie Bobo Evil ways
Ray Ruff Pretty blue eyes
Willie Bovain inst Love walk 
Barker Brothers The Drifter 
Deans the Lady of the caravan
Freddie Scott Lonely man 
J.H Rhythm My sweet baby
Tradewinds the Aggravation
Billy Giant Better let her go
Combinations the The feeling is fine
Deanna Kimball Take me home
Al Alberts Before tomorrow is yesterday
Al Hirt inst Nature boy