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[Afl-983A] 18 juni
Nancy Boyd & the Cappello’s A lovers’s concerto
Fred Carter What am a gonna do with Anna
Gary Criss i still miss you so
Big Maybelle Yesterday’s kisses
Satintones The Sugar Daddy
Teddy Randazzo Happy ending
Nicola di Bari Amon te solo te 
Jr Walker and the All stars What does it take
Jana Dora King B
Moonriders the inst Summertime cha cha
Paul Peek The riddle of the Papahoos
Belmonds the Need some one 
Johnny Nash Old man river 
Michel Sydney F Je reviens
Manhattans the I wanna be
Helen Shapiro Ole father time
Danny Wilson Darling of my heart
Zena Foster Make it me 
Micha Marah B Rozen en doornen (Rose  garden )
Carlo Gerace Daddy knows best
Henrry Mancini inst Something for cat
[Afl-983B] 18 juni
Teri Allen Can’t run to daddy
Sonny James Hey little ducky
Barbara Lewis It Lontananza (Hello stranger)
De Vonns Put me down
Roddie Joy The la la song
Anna Valentino On a tropical island
Dorinda Duncan Caddy daddy 
Nat Wright I’m glad is was you
Merci Molina Love me forever
Bibi Johns D Papa tanzt Mambo
Vic Mizzy inst Senorita with the mini skirt
Paul Anka It only last for a liitle while
Parakeets I want you right now 
Monica Riva It Gelosia
Jasper Woods Hully gully Papa 
Roy Richards inst Summer time
Craig Douglas Oh what a day
Gwenn Stacey Lonely girl 
Jimmy Jordan The grass looked greener 
Tony Orlando Some kinda wonderful
Royal Sprites Thai Noom rai por (Evil ways)
Werner Müller inst Love me tonght